What to Consider When Buying Pearl Earrings?

What to Consider When Buying Pearl Earrings?

Pearl embodies class and sophistication while looking immensely flattering to every complexion. The pearls' tenderness and sensuality are exceptional, but before you buy your first pair of pearls earrings, make it worth your purchase.

Doing a little due diligence about the pearls will only make you happy. Most people confuse all pearls as the same when they are not. It is always astounding to see how variant and beautiful these pearls are. 

So, if you want to buy pearl earrings, you are going to make your best jewelry investment. They can become the true staple of your collection and will go with every fashion and match outfit in your wardrobe. 

If this is your first time purchasing pearls, here is a quick guide to help you. 

Types Of The Pearl:

Pearls may look the same, but they are not the same. Depending on the region they come from and their features, here are the four popular types of pearls. 

Akoya Pearls- 

Mainly found in Japan, Akoya pearls are perfectly round, white, and highly lustrous. They are rare as the oysters produce one or two pearls per harvest. 

Freshwater Pearls- 

These pearls are one of the most prevalent and highly affordable types of pearls. Freshwater pearls are widest in size and naturally come in white, peach, pink, and lavender colors. 

Tahitian Black Pearls-

These pearls come into the category of rage, mysterious, and exotic pearls. Famous Tahitian black pearls mainly come from the islands of French Polynesia. The other colors include peacock, brown, pistachio, aubergine, and purple.

South Sea Pearls-

The South Sea pearls stand as one of the rarest and most highly costly. They only come in two shades, white and gold, and are known for their large size. 

Shape Of The Pearls:

Because pearls are organic gemstones, they occur in a variety of shapes. 


One of the most loved and rarest shapes of the pearls is round. Naturally, less than 4% of the pearls have a round shape. 


An oval shape is one of the most enormous produced shapes in the earring, looking like a teardrop. 


Most of the pearls have an irregular shape, meaning no two are the same. It is the most common shape in the pearls to be found. 

After considering the shape and type of the pearls, it will be easy for you to narrow down the search around your choice. Once you hit the mark, you can shop for your favorite style in our pearl stud collection. Here are some of the types that we divide our earrings collection into. 

Pearl Studs:

It is one of the classic styles in our earring collection. We have featured fully round to oval shapes and the finest pearls in your collection. Most of our designs in the studs venture into stable designs to go from classic to casual outfits. The locking mechanism perfectly sits on the earlobe. For the finishing and variations, we have styled the studs with diamond, gold, and silver. 

So, whether you choose freshwater pearl diamond earrings stud or Akoya pearl earrings with sterling silver, choosing the stud is a safe choice as you can pair them with other accessories too.

Dangle Earrings:

After the studs, the second most popular style in pearl earrings is dangling earrings. The dangle earrings lie down from your earlobe to give a swinging effect. 

Our dangle earrings feature Freshwater, Tahitian, South Sea, and Akoya. Made with clutch, shepherds hooks, and french wires, most of our designs provide fashionable, classic, casual, and royal looks. 

Pearl Hoop Earrings: 

"Fresh Water Pearl Earrings 14k Gold Large 13 Mm," and "South Sea Pearl Earrings 11.95 Mm 14k Gold" are some of the classic examples of pearl hoop earrings in our store. Hoop earrings have a more delicate feel. But they are perfect to charm the subtle and defiant looks. Our hoop earrings have more versatile designs, so you can count them for every occasion. 

Gem And Pearl Earrings: 

We have focused on the versatility of our earrings. And to achieve the goal, we decided to include the cluster of diamonds and gems. This is a unique collection, which makes the statement reflect success as well as sophistication. 

Whether it be "Diamond Rubellite Tourmaline Pearl Earrings 14k Gold" or "Diamond Rubellite Tourmaline Pearl Earrings 14k Gold," you will find the earrings suitable for weddings and other events as they can easily incorporate themself with an everyday outfit to look great. 

Conventional Earrings:

The last category that most earrings come into. Most of our earrings have their finishing in diamond and gold or diamond and silver. The collaboration of the pearl earrings with diamonds, gold, pearl, or silver creates the aesthetic appearance that you will love.

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